VTI is a HUBZone Certified SDB Company


Logistics services

VTI's overall approach to logistics is to emplace a management system that provides a framework for planning and implementing services. Our services include:

    •     Procurement of materials and supplies
    •     Inventory and storage.
    •     Supply distribution and disposal.
    •     Wheeled and track vehicle maintenance.

Medical Staffing Services

VTI provides an array of medical staffing recruiting, consulting services. Our goal is to connect hospitals, clinics and medical groups with qualified career-minded medical professional personnel. VTI specializes in:

    •     Medical Staffing & Placement.
    •     Clinic Operations Planning & Management.
    •     Medical Supply Requisition.

Training Services

VTI's military and other specialize training support services bring its medical and integrated logistics support capabilities into the real world of military combat operations, emergency response, and combat readiness. Our training services include:

    •     Training program design.
    •     Platform instruction
    •     Training range operations.
    •     Logistics Training.
    •     Medical Combat Life Support Training.
    •     Engineer DD Forms 1390/1391 Prospect Training
    •     Specialized Military Occupational Skill Training

Facility Support Services

VTI provides the management and skills to support a wide array of facilities and installations in the areas of:

    •     Public works operations.
    •     Engineering support.
    •     Infrastructure support.
    •     Building maintenance.
    •     Safety program development, implementation, and management.
    •     Environmental management.
    •     24-hour facility service programs.

Security Support Services

VTI provides armed and unarmed security services keeping federal facilities, classified documents, and employees safe.